Residential Electrical Wiring

Our team specializes in residential electrical wiring, including new installations, upgrades, and repairs. We ensure that your home's electrical systems are safe, reliable, and up to code.

You can trust us to ensure the safety and functionality of your home's electrical systems.

  • Safe wiring
  • Reliable solutions
  • Code compliance

Commercial Electrical Installations

For commercial properties, we offer comprehensive electrical installations, including lighting, wiring, and equipment setup. Our goal is to support the success of your business with efficient and effective electrical solutions.

Our expertise and dedication will support the success of your business through reliable electrical solutions.

  • Efficient installations
  • Effective equipment setup
  • Business support

Emergency Electrical Repairs

In the event of an electrical emergency, AikeyElectric is ready to respond quickly and resolve issues with expertise. We understand the urgency of electrical problems and are dedicated to keeping your property safe and operational.

When you have an electrical emergency, you can rely on us to respond promptly and resolve the issue with skill and care.

  • Quick response
  • Expert resolution
  • Urgent issue support

"Hats off to Aikey Electric from Chisholm. I highly recommend them for any of your electrical needs. Josh is a competent, contientous individual. He went out of his way to help in a problematic situation. Thank you so much Aikey Electric! The Kujala family appreciates you so very much!

     -  Diane Kujala-Vukelich recommends Aikey Electric.